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The Duchess of Richmond's Ball

The Drums 1812 made their presence known in Europe after their first performance playing for the "top brass" - including the Duke of Wellington - at the Duchess of Richmond's ball at the Chateau St Anne in Brussels. Immediately ridding themselves of any jitters from the red eye flight across the pond the day before, the Drums added to the esteem of the event by playing some of its favourite pieces to the assembled audience of esteemed guests including classics like Scipio, Coronation March and finishing off with the ever popular trio of patriotic pieces - British Grenadiers, Rule Brittannia and Hohenfriedberger's Marsch. The applause and roars of "God Save the King" spurred the Drums on in this, their first performance in Europe.

Receiving personal congratulations from both the Duchess and Wellington himself, the Drums were eager to speak with the many guests who came to meet and mingle with the group after their performance. Sharing a drink at the end of the evening, the Drums toasted to the week ahead after an extraordinarily successful first performance. Comeraderie and hard work has come together for the group, as they look forward to their next engagement tomorrow - assisting the Allied forces in repelling a French attack.

Looking to watch the event live? Check it out here:

Slanje va.

Photos courtesy of Thomason Photography -

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