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The Drums hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe Canada Day. Passing this milestone in the history of our nation - 150 years - gives us the opportunity to reflect on the moments that have made Canada what it is today. As we in the living history community and I'm certain many of you well know Canada's history does not begin in 1867, but stretches back millennia - from the arrival of indigenous peoples to North America tens of thousands of years ago, to the arrival of the Europeans, to the Confederation of Canada and to the present day.

We in The Drums are privileged to have the opportunity to share the stories of field musicians from the War of 1812. Those young persons and the lives they led, like all those who came before and would come after them have their place in Canadian history. Our aim is to do their memory justice as we portray their likeness and to offer a glimpse into lives which ought never be forgotten. Our portrayal is not to speak to the glory of conflict, but instead is our attempt to offer insight and understanding into its causes and consequences.

Studying Canadian history, in our eyes, requires the exploration of the memories and stories of all who have inhabited this land which has become our great nation. Those stories, the good and the bad have made the nation what it is today and it is incumbent upon us as stewards of this land to reflect on all of these stories, no matter their perceived significance, that this reflection might help direct the vision of what we hope to become.

As we celebrate #Canada150, The Drums look to the past to give thanks for our future.

Happy Canada Day!

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